3 FICAE REFLECTION SPACES / Mutual help / Educational practice from the video Carrying by Pepe Espaliú

MARTES 28 DE FEBRERO,  10 – 15 h

IVAMlab Institut Valencià d’ Art Modern
Calle de Guillem de Castro, 118
46003 Valencia

Mutual help / Educational practice from video Carrying by Pepe Espaliú


Activity for high school students

At present we live in a paradox: we live in a highly technological environment and at the same time with a deficiencies of affection in the personal and inhuman in the social of very tragic consequences. Immersed in the destruction of the acquired rights, labor, educational, social, economic, etc., the states delegate their responsibilities regarding mutual aid and abandon individuals in spaces where competitiveness, law of the strongest, and the rapid success at the cost of anything, generate micro contexts in which violence for reasons of machismo, sex, race, religion and class, are increasingly larger and less and less attended by those responsible for the administration of the public.

Training in the practice of mutual aid and the values it contains is essential in education for peace, solidarity, rights and respect for differences, since it is a question about that men and women, children and Girls, learn to work together with another or others for the same purpose.

From the video documenting the Carrying action as the central axis of this educational practice, we will work with the students the concepts of mutual help that in the same video are revealed, developing the ideas force that contains the work of Pepe Espaliú such as: Solidarity, sociability, the generation of affective bonds, the common good, the richness of diversity and the possibility of understanding models and attitudes that allow students to recognize themselves as good men and women, both in their private and social contexts.

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