3 FICAE PARALLEL SECTION /Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporànea

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 1, 19:00 – 21:00 h

Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporànea
Calle Sant Ferran, 12
46001 Valencia

Syria, to the indolence of others

Presents the block: Presidency of the Foundation Pulso de Vida and Nacho Tarazona of Médicos del Mundo

Siege, (Official Section – Fiction), 2’, dirigido por Thaer Al Shamali, (República Árabe Siria, 2016)
صباح النور (Good Morning), (Official Section – Fiction), 13’, dirigido por Alhasan Yousef, (República Árabe Siria, 2016)
Alan, (Official Section – Documental), 9’, dirigido por Mohammad S. Jouri, (Irak, 2016)


In this edition of 3FICAE we have received several films from Syria. Seeying them and thinking about the causes for which filmmakers send them to a thematic festival on diseases has been a challenge that we have had to assume. Most of the films that we are going to present show the pain of the Syrian people, the poor living conditions and the abandonment in which they live in the middle of the war or in refugee camps. The indolence of Europe before a crisis of such magnitude and the pathological consequences that will drag several generations force us to show these images and to think about the pain that they provoke us.