3FICAE / Official Announcement / Open Call

Official Announcement of the 3 FICAEDiseases International Short Film and Art Festival 

Purpose of the Festival

3FICAE is the name that the Universitat Politècnica de València has given to the 3rd edition of FICAE – Diseases International Short Film and Art Festival . It is open to all creators of audiovisual content that want to show their works in the categories of short animation film, short documentary film and short fiction film.

The purpose of this festival is to promote social awareness about diseases as a process of life in order to help destigmatize them. In addition, the festival seeks to promote artistic creation through audiovisual language to make it more visible and transmit knowledge about diseases, both those that involve changes to the physical state, and those that are considered as social diseases and their consequences.

Dates and Venues

The festival will take place in several venues in the city of Valencia during the first week of March 2017.

Characteristics of the Works

A basic requirement is that all short films presented must be about a type of disease. Works that do not include a descriptive synopsis detailing the disease or diseases the film deals with will not be accepted. This synopsis must be included in the space allocated on the platform.

The festival consists of three categories: short animation film, short documentary film and short fiction film.

The maximum duration for documentaries is 30 minutes, 20 minutes for short fiction films and 10 minutes for short animation films.

Short experimental films will be accepted within the three categories, as long as they follow the thematic purposes of the festival. Classifying these films in the different categories will depend on the author. The selection committee can suggest a change of category when the official section is established. That change must be communicated to and approved by the author in order to take effect.

Creative quality, innovative approaches and strong arguments will be considered as advantages. Any film made before October 30th may be presented, as long as it hasn’t been shown in commercial cinemas or on television. Those films presented in previous editions of FICAE cannot be registered in this edition.

Short films that show a sexist or racist ideology and do not respect sexual diversity, as well as those that promote or exhibit drugs or other pharmaceutical products will not be selected.

Submission of the Works and Deadlines

Works can be submitted on the following platforms: FestHome, Movibeta and FilmFreeway.

Artists can submit as many works as they want, as long as they observe the general rules.

Registration deadlines are as follows:

Open date: May 16, 2016
Close date: October30, 2016

All films will be presented in their original version. Films in languages other than English or Spanish must contain English or Spanish subtitles.

On November 30th, the short films selected to be part of the festival will be released on the FICAE website (www.ficae.es) and by email to each contestant.

From the day after the release of the results until December 30, 2016, the artists whose works have been selected must deliver the following:

1) Original version of the short film in HD, original version without subtitles, using any online file transfer platform (wetransfer, dropbox, google drive, etc.) to: festivalficae@gmail.com
2) Two still frames of the film
3) Subtitles:

Short films with the OV in Spanish:

-English subtitles in .srt or .ass, or dialogue list in English

Short films with OV in English:

-Dialogue list in English

-Spanish subtitles in .srt or .ass (optional)

Other languages:

-English subtitles in .srt or .ass format or dialogue list in English

-Spanish subtitles in. srt or .ass (optional)

4) Promotional material (optional)

-Press Kit

Call for Submission

Submission: May 10 to October 30, 2016
Call resolution: November 30, 2016
Delivery of selected works in HD: December 30, 2016
Festival: first week of March 2017
Delivery and communication of prizes: Closing ceremony of the festival

Value of the Prizes

The following prizes will be awarded in each category:

First prize: 800€ + Certificate/Trophy
Second prize: 400€ + Certificate
Honorable mention: Certificate

The total amount of the prizes is subject to tax deductions.

Official Selection and Festival Program

A selection committee of specialists will choose the films that will take part in the official selection as well as in the non-competitive parallel sections of the festival.

The decision of the selection committee is not open to appeal and the committee reserves the right to not justify its decision to the selected and rejected contestants.

Panel of Judges and Resolution

Prizes for the current edition of FICAE will be awarded by judging the technical and artistic quality of the works as well as by valuing if they accomplish the purposes of this festival.

The selection committee will determine the short films that will take part in this third edition of the FICAE. Specialists in the field of cinema production and diseases will make up the panel of judges.

The panel of judges reserves the right to declare the prize void if the works are considered not to have the appropriate level of the festival or do not show the proper spirit.

The decision by the panel of judges is not open to appeal. By taking part in the festival, contestants renounce any right to object and any action against these rules.


The images provided by contestants can be used as illustrations in the different advertising and communication materials for the festival (program, magazine, press, website, social networks and other communication networks).

The owners of the works give their authorization to use a piece of the short film (maximum of one minute) for its dissemination as informational material for any communications.

If selected as finalists or winners, the contestants authorize their name and surnames to be used in the communications considered necessary to advertise and promote the festival.


Any author, producer or distributor that registers a short film at FICAE declares to be the owner or to have acquired the ownership rights, and to be legally using the content of the film and its copyright.

The festival is not responsible for any claim to authorship rights due to publicly screening films that contain protected material. 

All the works submitted, both the selected and awarded works, as well as some works not selected will become part of the festival archive. The festival may show them in educational, promotional and research activities that it considers appropriate, previously communicating it to the author.

Acceptance of the Rules

Participation in this contest implies total acceptance of these rules.

The organization of FICAE reserves the right to solve any problem not contained in these documents.