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Friday, march 3



Work table: The Good Death
13:00-14:30 h
With the colaboration of:
Javier Velasco, Presidente de la Asociación Derecho a Morir Dignamente (DMD) de la Comunidad Valenciana.
Methodological direction: Anaïs Florin

This year has presented the draft organic law on Euthanasia by the parliamentary group Unidos Podemos (UP) and Confluencias. This initiative is the first real opportunity to regulate in the Spanish State a right over which there is a broad social demand in all the developed countries and a first step for the recognition of the freedom of all people to decide when and how to end their life, with all the guarantees. There have also been similar initiatives in some Autonomous Communities. This working table will have the opinion of experts to discuss the right that guarantees us to choose our own death and how to have the sufficient guarantees so that this will not end up being administered by the doctor who attends to us in those moments.

Work table: The controversy in the prevention of VIH 
18:00-19:30 h
With the colaboration of:
David Peyró, del Col·lectiu Lambda de lesbianas, gais, transexuales y bisexuales,
José Canales, del Comité Ciudadano Anti-Sida de la Comundad Valenciana,
Esteban Brook-Hart, de AVACOS-H, Asociación Valenciana VIH, SIDA y Hepatitis
Ramón Espacio, de CALCSICOVA, Coordinadora de Asociaciones de VIH y sida de la Comunidad Valenciana.

Methodological direction: Anaïs Florin

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a strategy to prevent HIV infection where HIV-negative individuals take anti-HIV drugs before they come in contact with HIV to reduce their risk of becoming infected. The drugs prevent HIV from establishing an infection inside the body. Many associations call on the government to approve the implementation of this preventive treatment, while others question the lack of information about the consequences due to side effects, generalized medicalization for certain groups, the enormous pharmaceutical benefits and the “death” of the condom as an instrument For the prevention not only of HIV, but also of other sexually transmitted infections that are currently on the rise. A group of experts, representing the main Valencian associations working with HIV and AIDS prevention issues, will offer us their opinions on this prevention model.