3FICAE OFFICIAL SECTION / Las Naves Espai d’Innovació i Creació


Las Naves Espai d’Innovació i Creació
Calle de Juan Verdeguer, 16
46024 Valencia


16:30-21:00 h

This set of short films show us the diversities of its protagonists and their ability to overcome, sometimes in facilitating contexts and in others, in situations of extreme harshness.

Presents the block: Ricard Mamblona and Pepe Miralles, directors of FICAE – Diseases International Short Film and Art Festival

Vida (Life), Rubén Ríos, España, 17’
Nice Job, Tigran Sahakyan, Rusia, 13’
The Truants, Aaron Dunleavy, Reino Unido, 13’
Speechless in Japan, Weronika Mliczewska, Polonia, 24’
Mut zum Leben (Courage to Live), Petra Wernz, Alemania, 14’
Mama, Tata, trebuie sa va spun ceva (Mom, Dad, I Have to Tell You Something), Paul Muresan, Rumanía, 6’
Random Walks, Borbála Tompa, Hungría, 7’


If people do not obtain from their physical environment the satisfaction of needs in the material order, they generate consequences on their health. When unmet needs operate in the social order, we find a “sick society.” This block shows situations related to violence and its consequences. Its introduction in a theme festival of these characteristics is not so much a statement that violence itself is a disease, but a question that we want to raise.

Presents the block: Enric Novella, Researcher of Instituto de Historia de la Medicina y de la Ciencia López Piñero, de la Universitat de València.

La voz del agua (The Voice of the Water), Álvaro Elías, España, 20’
Dopado, Piotr Wieckowski, Polonia, 15’
Ziba, Ali Farkhonde, Turquía, 9’
Mój pierwszy raz (My First Time in Life), Krzysztof Kuźnicki, Polonia, 15’
Isabella Morra, Isabel Pagliai, Francia, 22’
DataMine, Tim Tracey, Canadá, 6’