Mara León / Proyecto 730

P E-730 466/730 For the unification of protocols between Autonomous Communities
Hospitals of the city of Valencia. Intervention through the placement of posters in public hospitals
As of February 26

Mara León (1970, Sevilla) is a Spanish artist and photographer. She works on conceptual photography, which she defines as “the supremacy of the artist’s idea before the materialized work” and employs in the process her own body “as a reflection”. In 2002 he finished his studies of Higher Degree with a specialty in Artistic Photography in Seville. And in 2009, after completing an advanced lighting course, he finished the International Master of Conceptual Photography at the EFTI photography school in Madrid, being the first of his promotion.

The photographer had breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy in 2013. In order to raise awareness of the time elapsed between the elimination of cancer and the reconstruction of the breast (an average of 2 years, 730 days), the photographer created in Facebook a page with the name Projecto 730. Share a self-portrait of your body before rebuilding the chest and ask for help putting that photo in health centers. With this initiative, León seeks to denounce health cuts caused by these long waiting lists suffered by women.